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Welcome to the Dusk at Dawn encyclopedia, the official wiki for tiojaviss' fanfiction pentalogy:

 1. Ultimate Battle
 2. A Not So Happy Christmas
 3. The Halloween ProYect
 4. The Chaotic Wars
 5. The Dark Chronicles

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WARNING: this wiki contains spoilers.

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THE CHAOTIC WARS S.4, ep46 Counterattack

Series Chronology

1. Ultimate Battle: Myotismon has defeated the digidestined and is now the ruler of the Digital World. Now, the king of the un-dead digimon shall face his mightiest foe yet: Lucemon.

2. A Not So Happy Christmas: Emperor Palpatine has reunited the most evil villains around to take down Christmas once and for all! And for some reason, it is an offer Myotismon can not reject.

3. The Halloween ProYect: after the defeat of the Villains at the  Battle for Christmas, Menslady starts a rebellion against the Heroes' oppressive rule. Taken, it is now up to a reborn Myotismon to rescue the love of his life.

4. The Chaotic Wars: after a mysterious artifact known as the "Crystal of Fire" appears, a race against time begins in order to seize the Elemental Crystals. The final adventure has begun.

*The Dark Chronicles: stories from the different series, tales that were not seen on-screen until now. (coming soon).

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Darth Vader

Ultimate Battle Myotismon vs Lucemon TRAILER02:22

Ultimate Battle Myotismon vs Lucemon TRAILER

The Halloween ProYect TRAILER02:14

The Halloween ProYect TRAILER

The Chaotic Wars PLOT TRAILER05:27

The Chaotic Wars PLOT TRAILER

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